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Family-owned and operated since 1982 with a proud tradition of offering a great selection and superior customer service.  This century we added a commitment to swift shipping! 

Get It Fast

All orders are packaged and shipped from one of our two store locations on the coast of Maine, where we've been for more than 35 years. Fast shipping, easy returns, and someone who picks up the phone!

from our customers

I love your store and the shipping is excellent! I ordered the sweaters on Sunday and wore one Tuesday night! Thanks!

N. Andover, MA

I love your store and the service! I ordered something online yesterday and received it today... wow!

Danielson, CT

I have never found an item of clothing that fits so well. Both colors are traveling with me this week! Yay!!

Duluth, MN

My blouse is perfect, thank you! I had to return a few items and I appreciate how easy it was. So glad to have found This Is It! 

Mary Beth
Glenn Ellyn, IL

Sometimes little things mean a lot, like receiving my order very neatly wrapped in tissue paper. Felt like I was getting VIP service in the store, though I’m miles away!

Boulder, CO

Each item is perfect. Great colors. Super fits. Arrived promptly. I’m loving shopping with you. 

Floyd, VA

Getting those deliveries has been a bright spot during lockdowns. Thank you!

Yonkers, NY

Thanks so much for handling my pesky inquiries :) 

Pal Alto, CA